Pop-Smile Factory Intro.

Pop-Smile Factory Intro.

Giving you the best

Business Overview

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Innovative Flavour
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Product Variety (SKU)
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Export Country
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Capacity / Year (40’HQ Container)

It’s not a diet, It’s a lifestyle.

Brand Concept

You deserve to have the best snacks in the planet including Mars.
Healthy Concept

Healthy Concept

-100%Non-GMO Corn,
-Trans-Fat Free
-Non Preservative
-Cholesterol Free
-Non PHO Coconut Oil



->200 Gourmet flavours
-Various package options

Green & Sustainable

Green & Sustainable

-LED-T8 lighting
-Rainwater recycle system
-Roof Top Greening System



-Own R&D Team
-In-house Laboratory
-Instance Service
(24 Hrs On Call)

International Certificate

Asia First Popcorn Themed
Tourism Wonderland

The magical journey of popcorn

Through professional guides, provide popcorn-related historical evolution and life knowledge
And present AI automatic production line technology and interesting somatosensory interactive games
Create a happy field of education, tourism, creativity and technology


Investing heavily to create a hygienic and
safe production environment

Production Environment

Production Area

Production Area

In clean room with air condition, temperature control and humidity control.


Own warehouse and loading docks.
Capacity: >1000 pallet
In-house Lab

In-house Lab

Verifiable for Microbiological Hygiene Standard
-Salmonella -Coliform -E.Coli

Own RD Team

Own RD Team

- flexible to adjust the flavor according to market demand.
- create your exclusive flavour
Global distribution cooperation Easy to buy and easy to enjoy
Sales Channel
We work directly with Unilever, Frito Lay’s , 7 Eleven , Family Mart, Walmart Sam’s Club, Costco, PX Mart, Simple Mart,RT Mart,A-Mart…etc.

Taiwan Smile Food Co., Ltd

TEL: +886 2 86303508
Address: No. 171, Guanhai Blvd., Bali Dist., New Taipei City 249005, Taiwan.
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